Hear Without Terror β€”

                                That in the Forest are hidden a Deer and an Unicorn.

β€œIn the Body there is Soul and Spirit.”

The sages say truly
That two animals are in this forest:
One glorious, beautiful and swift,
A great and strong deer;
The other an unicorn.
They are concealed in the forest,
But happy shall that man be called
Who shall snare and capture them....

If we apply the parable to our Art,
We shall call the forest the Body.
That will be rightly and truly said.
The unicorn will be the Spirit at all times.
The deer desires no other name
But that of the Soul; which name no man
Shall take away from it.
He that knows how to tame and master them by Art,
To couple them together,
And to lead them in and out of the forest,
May justly be called a Master.

Book of Lambspring Figure 3